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  • Affiliates are paid 50% commission on sales.
  • Commissions are paid on first sale only(Ex. Monthly Recurring)
  • Affiliates are no negative advertising or spam. No unethical traffic generation methods.
  • Affiliates responsible for such practices will be banned by the vendor from product promotions.
  • All affiliates if approved will be placed on delayed commissions. All delayed commissions will be paid 45 days following sales. (Based on 30 day money-back guarantee)
  • Any affiliates approved for instant commissions will have to meet certain requirements. (Ex. History of low refund rates, level of sales, etc.)

Front End: Re-Brander X “Software As A Service” 

Three separate cloud-based software applications complete with source code and all marketing materials. Allows you to take the best selling web apps, re-brand them and run them as your own software as a service applications. 

Upgrade #1: Re-Brander X Free Trial Module 

In this Upgrade they will get the extra timed trial module. So they will be able to offer free timed trials for the “Software As A Service” applications. This will work like all major “Software As A Service” sites and allow the user full access for a set limit of time.

Upgrade #2: Re-Brander X with Master Resale Rights 

Give Your Customers The Opportunity To Resell The Software….Offer Them A Complete Business In A Box. This mean that you can offer your customers the resell rights so that means you can pass those rights to your customers so your customers can start their own business in a box. 

 Re-brander X JV Contest

(February 14th to February 20th) 

Contest Begins on February 14th at 11:00 AM EST

Contest Rules:

  • Duration: 7 Days (Ends on the 20th at midnight!)
  • Contest Based On: Sales Total (Only Teams of 2 Allowed!)
  • To be eligilbe, you must sign up below before the launch date
  • Fraudulent or Refunded DO NOT Count
  • You CAN NOT SPAM in any way
  • ONLY Sales made during the Contest period count
  • You CAN NOT offer Cash Incentives, Cash Back, or Rebates in any way

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Subject: $1500 And 30 Days… Just For Sharing A New York Times Article?

Subject: Four Figures. 30 Days. No Original Content. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

Subject: How To Get Paid For “Stealing” Other People’s Content…


You love case studies right?

If so, then you are going to absolutely love the case study I have to share with you today.


Because it spits in the face of EVERYTHING you thought you knew about Internet marketing.

Here’s the myths this info bursts wide open:

The FALSE idea that you CAN’T make money online UNLESS you have content…
The FALSE idea that you should “share” other people’s content for free… (If you’re tired of slaving over the social media channels trying to stay relevant by sharing other people stuff, then you are gonna LOVE this breakthrough…)
The FALSE idea that you need to create your own authority… And the false idea that you have to beg, borrow, and steal to borrow the authority of someone else (like the New York Times)…
And much more…

So, are you ready to see how this marketer figured out how to burst through ALL of those myths to generate $1500 in just 30 days WITHOUT a single piece of their own content?

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Trust me, you are going to want to read every last word on that page. There are some seriously profound breakthroughs in the way the Internet marketing is thought of.

If you are ready to start making money WITHOUT creating content on your own, and by simply showing the content of others then you NEED to check out the information on that page.

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Subject: 386 New Subscribers In 24 Hours From “Stolen” Content…

Subject: [CASE STUDY] 386 Subscribers In 24 Hours

Subject: NEW METHOD: How To Use The New York Times To Get 386 Subscribers In The Next 24 Hours…


What if I told you there was a way to build a list of 386 new subscribers in the next 24 hours WITHOUT using a single piece of your own content?

Seems a little too good to be true doesn’t it?

Well, the fact of the matter is that the only way you could POSSIBLY generate nearly 400 brand new subscribers in the next 24 hours would be if you had access to a piece of software that was so sneaky that you could “steal” the authority of sites much bigger than yours…

There would have to be a way to get YOUR BRAND onto the sites of mega-authority figures in your niche without having to spend a bunch of money to do it…

You would have to be able to collect leads from your competitor’s sites… without them knowing…

Now, the good news is that this piece of software exists.

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The bad news is that the software that you’re looking for isn’t in this email.

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Subject: How To Put Banner Ads On Your Biggest Competitors Websites… For Free!

Subject: Watch This Software “Steal” Your Competitors Authority!

Subject: This Software Should Be Illegal! It Puts Your Name On The Biggest Websites In The World… FOR FREE!


What’s the #1 way to make sales online?

Is it:

-Search engine optimization?

-Social media?

-List building?


The #1 BEST way to make sales online is…

To build MASSIVE trust.

When people trust you, they buy from you. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, if they trust you and your recommendations they will buy from you.

And what’s the #1 BEST way to build instant trust?

To prove yourself as an authority in your market.

But there’s one problem…

What if you don’t have any authority?

Well, before today you would just have to buck up, work your butt off, put in the hours, and wait until the market saw you as an authority figure.

But now, thanks to this software: [insert link to software]

You can actually “steal” the authority from sites like:

-The New York Times

-The Cosmopolitan

-Basically, if your niche has a major website that people trust, you can now “borrow” their authority without even asking…

Check it out:


I’m telling you, Internet marketing is about to change!

Now you can tap into the authority of sites 1000 times bigger and more established than yours just with a simple piece of software.

That means you can start making sales as soon as today!

So hurry up, check out the software, and then send me an email when you start seeing results!

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Subject: FINALLY! A Way To Make Money Online WITHOUT Having To Create Content…

Subject: If You Can Point And Click, Copy & Paste, Then You Can Make Money With This Software…

Subject: [REVEALED] The Software That Makes Content Free Revenue Streams Possible…


I don’t know about you, but my biggest time suck isn’t social media…

It isn’t email…

It isn’t even creating products or providing services…

The one thing that takes up the MOST of my time (and often it becomes wasted time) is CONTENT CREATION!


If you are like me then you are probably a little burnt out on having to crank out blog post after blog post, or video after video just to stay relevant.

Maybe you’ve tried to just not write any more… and I bet you saw your numbers go under didn’t you?

Well, that’s because in order to compete in today’s world you have to be relevant. And in order to be relevant, you have to be loud. And in order to be loud you have to be prolific. And in order to… well, you get the idea.

And that’s why I am emailing you today… because for the first time EVER the possibility of building a content free business has become a reality!

Check It Out Here >>> [INSERT LINK]

That’s right!

It’s only taken forever and a day, but you can now build your email list, put money in your bank account, and do it all WITHOUT having to generate a single piece of your own content.

If you can copy and paste a link into a piece of software, you make money with this…

See For Yourself >>> [INSERT LINK]

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Subject: WATCH How Easy It Is To Build A List With Viral Content You Didn’t Create…

Subject: How Big Of A List Could You Build With This Piece Of Software?

Subject: No Content? Here’s How To Build The List Anyways… With A Piece Of Software.


Want to see something cool?

Watch how easy it is to take a piece of content from a site like the New York Times…

…share it with your friends or audience…

Then turn it into cash.

Check it out here >>> [INSERT LINK TO SALES PAGE]

There are so many ways you could use this to make money for your business…

You could:

Use it to build your own list of passionate buyers in a niche for which you have ZERO authority…
Hire a VA to sit there and find viral articles to then share on your social media channels and make sales 24/7…
Leverage a link building campaign by sharing a viral piece of content with your link prominently displayed on the site and get people to link to your site too just by default…
And much more..

The possibilities with a piece of technology like this are endless.

If you want to make money off of other peoples’ viral content…

This is how.

Check it out >>> [INSERT LINK]

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Subject: You Aren’t Going To Pass This Up Are You?

Subject: This Ends Today!

Subject: [LAST CHANCE] The Software That “Steals” Your Competitors Authority To Build YOUR List And Make YOU Money…


A few days ago I sent you an email about a crazy new software that lets you build a list, generate income, and “steal” authority simply by copying and pasting your favorite content from around the web…

Well, I wanted to email you again today to give you one last chance to claim your copy of the software before it closes.

Get Your Copy Here >>> [INSERT LINK]

Here’s the deal, if you want to make money online but you don’t want to create content you really only have three choices:

You provide services to other businesses (yuck…)
You pick up this piece of software and start sharing viral content with your links embedded inside…
You just don’t make money online…

The choice is pretty clear don’t you think?

Grab your copy of Cliks before the offer closes >>> [INSERT LINK]

You won’t regret it!

To your success,



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