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Let me ask you a question...
What does every top SAAS (software as a service) have in common?
Active Campaign Top Autoresponder
Goto Webinar Top Webinar System
Hootsuite Top Social Engagement
Sales Force Top CRM
These Are Top Software Services In Their Field and Generate Millions of Dollars
What Do They All Have In Common?
Like every other top successful SAAS they offer the option to take a free trial of there services, why do they do that?
Because they are confident about the service they are selling and that the free buyer is going to use it and in the most part stick with them...so they have no problem in offering free trial access.

It makes more users take the option to test out the software and if the software is good (which ours is tried and tested) it will make more users convert into a paid membership.

But don't forget you still have everyone who signed up for a free trial to market to as well even if they don't pay for the full membership. We have collected 10's of thousands of leads this way.
Should You Be Doing It Too?
Of course you should and we are so confident about our CliksIt software with over 8500 buyers who love our system that we have done just that.
In this amazing upsell, we have given you the ability to offer free trials alongside your paid membership offers just like all the successful huge software as a service sites do.

Imagine how much easier it is to get someone in the door if you are giving them a look for free?
Let me tell you its amazing easy we generate 100+ free trials daily turning 16% of those trials into paid memberships.

Plus don't forget you have the other 84% you can sell something else to, course, plugin or another SAAS product.
NO OTHER COMPANY Has Brought You This Ability In A Whitelabel Product Before

We Want You To Be The FIRST To Try This !
Start Offering Free Trials Today
Compete With The Big Boys Today

Timed Trials

You set the length of the free trial, decide on exactly how many days you will set it for.

Build In Trial Upgrade Pages

Let's say you set the trial for seven days when the user accesses the software after seven days they will see the dashboard but they need to purchase to carry on using it.

Fully Automated

Everything is fully automated inside you do not need to do anything. Set the trial period and add your upgrade page and you are good to start collecting those trial memberships.

Auto Locking

When the trial expires the user is automatically locked out of the application.

Download All Subscribers

You can segment both your trial and paid users inside the dashboard. So you can easily mail to your trial users to get them to subscribe with maybe a discounted offer if the first fails.


You set the price for the upgrade everythign is set by you. You can give 100% free trials away and make the upgrade a monthly or one off fee. See those free leads convert like crazy.
You have everything you need to start giving a timed free trial to your visitors right now using this software and pushing them to an upgrade page after the trial expires.
Think of how this will skyrocket your sales and conversions. You give the software to your audience, even if you don't have an email list give this away through social channels.

Watch the visitors flock in (YOU HAVE NOW COLLECTED THOSE LEADS)

Those same visitors start using the CliksIt software daily, they are building campaigns, creating overlays.

They then start to see traffic, visitors, leads...great the software is working for them which it does very well.

They then log in and see their trial has ended, no access to the leads, no access to the campaigns they are all lost.

All they see is.
What Do You Think They Do?
If you guessed hit that upgrade button then give yourself a gold star as you where right, they waste no time in hitting upgrade. No one wants to lose access to software that they can see is clearly working for them.
And don't forget all the software is controlled 100% by you, you set your own prices so you keep 100% of that income.

Plus also don't forget you have all the leads for all those free trials who don't convert you can still market to them. Maybe give them a discount, access to another piece of software.
So How Does This Work?
Decide on how long you would like the trial to last this can be anything from one day to thirty days if you wish. 
Add the upgrade page direct into the settings inside the application. Use ours or create your own.
Decide on price for the upgrade from trial to full paying and add the buy button to your upgrade page.
Start giving free access to the software to your visitors and sit back and watch those upgrades roll in.
Well We Have Everything Covered For You !
  • Fully Built Web Application - Fully built and fully tested on 1000's of users. Saving $50,000
  • Done For You  Copy - Tried and tested copy responsible for 1000's of sales worth $3000+
  • Done For You Graphics - You get all the graphics we have ever had built for the software worth $500+
  • Done For You Sales Video - Split tested multiple times to get the best conversions worth $1000+
  • Membership Script Built In - No need of any other scripts worth $300+
  • Support Is Covered - We will fully support the software for you worth $1000's
  • Tutorial Videos - We will make all the tutorial videos for you worth $1000+
Plus Everything Is Fully Rebrandable To You!
If you buy this upgrade today we will not only give you the upgrade module for the CliksIt software but we will give you the upgrade for the two extra whitelabel SAAS business software's (LeadIn and KickStart Survey).
Buy the first upgrade trial module and we will add the other two totally free of charge. Pay for one and get three free trial modules.
100% 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee!
I’m convinced you’ll be able to find hungry buyers interested in this tool. After all, there’s literally millions of people who wouldn’t think twice about buying this, right now.

After all, who doesn’t want to build a list, or make money, sharing other people’s content?
But if for some weird reason you are not satisfied with the product within the first 14 days, you pay nothing, ever. 

Sound fair?

 SAAS “Business in a Box”  Rebrander Free Trial Module Upgrade

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