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Most of you guys know me Richard Fairbairn and what I do but for those who don't. I have worked online for over 20 years and have been selling software online for just over three years.

For the last twelve - eighteen months I have been concentrating on offering software as a service and I can tell you I have never looked back.

I have turned over $1,000,000 dollars in software sales and in this mastermind I want to give you guys all my tips and tricks
So what I will be showing you inside is two fold...

First Ill be showing you how we generate traffic not just through launches but through evergreen organic traffic. So you don't need to rely on the launch model to generate traffic to your software.

Second we will be looking at what makes a successful launch so if you want to take the software, add new features and launch it then you can.
  • Lead Generation - How to build traffic to your software
  • Building Funnels - How to build profitable funnels for your software
  • Free Trials - How to profit from free trials even if they DON'T convert
  • Recurring - How to build recurring income that sticks
  • Buying Traffic - Where and how I buy traffic
  • Retargeting - How I triple my investment daily
  • Software Development - How to find outsources
  • And much much more....
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If you want to make money selling software then the Million Dollar Mastermind is for you, everything you need is here. You get access to everything I have learnt.
  • Videos - You get one in depth video per week
  • Webinars - You get one Q&A webinar per month
  • Cheat Sheets - Step by step cheat sheets
  • Case Studies - When I run new funnels you get the case studies
You can lock the million dollar mastermind in today and start building traffic and getting the most from the software you have purchased. But be aware this will only be available for this launch.
SAAS “Business in a Box” Rebrander Millionaire Mastermind Training

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SAAS “Business in a Box” Rebrander Millionaire Mastermind Training

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