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This Upgrade will be Limited to the First 25 250 Buyers!

Congratulations you have made an excellent choice but before I send you directly to the download section I wanted to offer you something a little bit different...

Let me tell you one thing before you go any further this is NOT for everyone. This is probably the most powerful section of the upsell's and is the one that will put your software business on steroids.

Now thing of this you have just purchased the right to upload, rebrand and host your own software as a service....pretty amazing right.

But what if we took that one step further...

You are probally asking yourself how can you take that further? I already have an amazing deal and such a great business oppurtunity.

Well...listen closely.

We are going to give you the chance to offer your customers the same deal you have purchased here today.

You can offer them the full package so they can set up their own SAAS business. You can give them the opportunity that will change their life.
Give Your Customers The Opportunity To Resell The Software
Offer Them A Complete Business
This mean that you can offer your customers the resell rights so that means you can pass those rights to your customers so your customers can start their own business. These right are very valuable.
Here Is What You Can Offer Your Customers

Three SAAS Software Applications

You get complete master resell rights to the software so you can let your customers open their own SAAS business's as well. They can rebrand the software.

All Unbranded Video's

All the unbranded sales videos and tutorials for all three SAAS applications. Your customers can brand them to themselves or do what they wish with them.

All Sales Pages

You get all the sales pages completely done that you can give your customers so they can rebrand them for their own use. These are fully formatted with graphics.

All Unbranded Graphics

All the unbranded graphics including headers, logos, boxshots and more. You get these in PSD's as well so your customers can edit as much as they wish.
Remember You Get The Rights To Sell To Your Customers 
So How Does This Work?
Choose which products you want to resell can be one or all three plus don't forget you get the upsells as well to resell.
Set up your offers in a funnel just like you have visited here complete with upsells and downsells if you wish.
Start sending traffic at the funnel.
Sit back and watch the income roll in everyone want resell rights to software and you will have the latest and best offer if you act now.
BUT WAIT...we have made this even easier for you today
How would you like the funnel you have just been down? complete and ready to go all you need to do is hook up your payment details and decide on a price.
In our tests on this funnel we where getting 55% upgrades that means 1 in 2 people who purchased the front end purchased the upsells.
If you sell the front end at $97 and the first upsell at $47 that means on just those two each sale is worth $120.
All pages and graphics are included with the funnel so you just need to plug and play and off you go.
THIS MAKES IT...super simple to get going today
100% 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee!
I’m convinced you’ll be able to find hungry buyers interested in this tool. After all, there’s literally millions of people who wouldn’t think twice about buying this, right now.

After all, who doesn’t want to build a list, or make money, sharing other people’s content?
But if for some weird reason you are not satisfied with the product within the first 14 days, you pay nothing, ever. 

Sound fair?

 SAAS “Business in a Box”  Rebrander Master Reseller License

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