Why To Do Lists Work

Are you using to-do lists throughout your day? If not, you will be missing out on one of the most powerful productivity tools out there. It doesn’t matter if you utilize the old-fashioned notebook and pen, or a to-do list app on your phone. There are 3 reasons why they work so well when it comes to keeping you productive all day long.

To-Do Lists Make You Plan When you sit down to make out your daily to-do list you’re forced to come up with a plan for your day. You’re taking a detailed look at everything you’re working on and deciding what you would like to take care of today and in what order.

Depending on how you make out your list, you will even consider what items on your list have the highest priority. The simple task of creating the list causes you to work out a great deal of things in your head ahead of time. This alone can help you keep more productive throughout your day.

To-Do Lists Keep You Focused Having that list in front of you, or next to you as you work away can assist you in keeping focused on what you would like to work on and achieve throughout your busy day. We are all dealing with distractions. It’s simple to lose focus and get sucked into pointless tasks and conversations.

With your list you know at a glance what you should be working on and if you will make yourself get into the habit of not calling it the end of a day until every item on your list is taken care of, you’re less likely to permit those distractions to take over big chunks of your day.

To-Do Lists Give You A Feeling Of Accomplishment Checking off a particular item on your to-do list provides you with a sense of accomplishment. For a few this can be more effective when they can cross something off a piece of paper. For others, clicking the small check mark on the app will also do the trick. Try both methods and see what works best for you.

Take a moment to understand how much you’ve gotten done anytime you check an item off the list. Then use that feeling of accomplishment as encouragement to move to the next item. Rinse and repeat and before you realize it, you’ve made it through another extremely productive day.

If you’re not in the regular habit of using daily to-do lists, I hope this encourages you to give it a serious try. Create a list of 5 things you need to get done before your day ends. See how that goes then get in the habit of working from a daily list beginning tomorrow morning.

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