3 Tips To Make Your Marketing Viral

A marketing message will only become viral if people believe it and; in the same respect, an idea will only catch on if people like it. So, how to gain customers and increase your revenue stream by using viral marketing? Follow these three key tips:

1) Be Creative. Make those widgets stand out, if you are selling widgets! Most people do not want to buy a widget that is simply “easy to use” and “better than the rest”. Even if your widgets are not to innovative, to creative, to things that appear to be exciting and new, people respond better knowing that they are all those things. Sales driven messaging just does not work. Don’t waste your time! Grab the attention of others by spending your time carefully crafting creative marketing. Going viral is the next logical step once you have their attention.

2) Be Different. There’s nothing worse than more of the same. Standing out in the crowd should be the sole concern for you and your business. You must make your product appear different and most importantly, the best even if your product is one in a million. How? Your products can be much more appealing by adding value in the form of an incentive.

Stay on top of the competition by delivering on your promises and making customers feel appreciated . If you are uncertain what they are doing and how they are doing it, you can’t do it better than them. Send a stronger message, more strategic campaign and overall better offering to make the message you are sending different from your competitors.

3) Be Consistent. Attempting to go viral with any campaign can quickly turn sour without proper management. You will need to stay on top of every single message you put out there… and do so often because consistency is key with any marketing, especially when attempting to go viral. Time and quality management are important aspects of viral marketing. Investing your time as you would invest your capital into any advertising project needs to be part of your daily routine. You will need to spend valuable time and effort in order to make it work for you, even if viral marketing is essentially “Free”.

What really matters is what you put into viral marketing, whether you are new to this marketing approach or a veteran of the viral marketing world. Your message can only go viral if you are putting it out there on a regular basis and that depends on how you manage all aspects of your online marketing, from tweeting to status updates, to feeds and daily blog posts.

Sales copy and unattractive pitches should not be simply plastered all over your social media accounts. You have to be creative for this type of marketing to be effective. What would interest you? What would you want to share with your friends, family and colleagues? What would you encourage others to take a look at?

Craft creative messages and pay attention to what others are saying by taking the time to respond to them. Viral marketing is all about creating engagement and becoming part of the conversation.

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