7 Ways to Build The Readership Of Your Blog

It is challenging enough to attract traffic to a blog or a web site, so from the very beginning, it is imperative that your visitors feel comfortable to stick around, when they start coming to read your blog. You can help them to do just that through a number of different ways.

Build a successful blog with a loyal following using these seven vital ingredients.

1. Publish Regularly

It will influence their visiting behavior as your readers become familiar with the frequency of your posts. Your readers will probably come every day to read your posts, if they know that you post fresh content every day. However, they will come on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, if you post on those specific days. Just publish on a regular schedule to be able to generate consistent traffic.

2. Stay on Topic

Your blog needs to define its own niche and it needs to do everything possible to stick to that niche. Focusing on a particular theme or topic is what readers expect from the blogs they visit. Readers are less likely to become passionate about your blog and will probably move on to somewhere else, if you have no theme and just post about anything.

3. Use Meaningful Titles in Posts

It will not only help people navigate your blog and also influence your ranking with search engines, but having titles in your posts announces clearly the meaning and subject of your posts.

4. Interact With Your Readers

Readers comment, when you post on your blog because it is like having a conversation. When you interact and converse with your readers just be active and be positive.

5. Highlight Your Best Posts

Your archives sometimes hide your best posts. Don’t let this happen. Linking to your best posts from a ‘best posts’ category on the main page can help solve this problem and would be a good idea.

6. Provide Good Navigation to Popular Pages

People that visit your blog will have a much more enjoyable experience, if you help them find the key pages within your blog.

7. Avoid Not Posting for Extended Periods

Your readers will probably be disappointed, if they visit your blog and discover that the last post was three weeks ago. You better believe that your readers will lose interest quickly if you fall out of your regular schedule and stop posting. They will give you the benefit of the doubt and come back on a few days to check after you stop posting, but don’t let it be a long period of time between posts or you may loss them forever.

The readership of your blog may depend on these seven little tips. Just post and interact with your readers and retain and generate more traffic to your blog.

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