Anytime you are trying to build a relationship and trust with your audience, you should be sincere and truthful concerning the information you share. You have developed a high rating from your audience by presenting useful, beneficial, and authentic content and topics of interest. The relationship takes to long to build to have it all to be damaged by an untrue or misleading statement.  You need have all the relevant information about any topic before discussing it. This may entail some in-depth research to have the true facts before you attempt to write articles or discuss the topic.

When you are authentic, in your copy and your being, this will show up in the ratings you get from other people rating your content, your sites, and those reviewing your products. On the Internet, your ratings end up being your measure of authenticity and can drive traffic to your site as other people recommend different things. So, when you think authenticity, correlate to your reputation and realize that what you are trying to do is not to gossip as much as to build a stellar reputation that gets A+ ratings across the Internet. This will assuredly drive traffic back to your site.

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