YouTube Video Strategy: How to Grow a Business With YouTube

Want more leads and sales from your YouTube channel? Wondering how to use different types of videos for different objectives? To explore YouTube content strategy, I interview Sunny Lenarduzzi on the Social Media Marketing Podcast. Sunny is a YouTube marketing expert who helps entrepreneurs next-level their awareness online. Her YouTube channel has 500,000 subscribers. Her […] The post YouTube Video Strategy: How to Grow a Business With YouTube appeared first on Social Media Examiner | Social Media Marketing. Continue Reading——>

Live Video: Simplified An Easier System to Success

Want to do more with live video? Wondering how to simplify the process of going live? To explore creating better systems for live video, I interview Tanya Smith on the Social Media Marketing Podcast. Tanya is a video strategist who helps service providers demystify the video creation process. Her site is and her course […] The post Live Video Simplified: An Easier System to Success appeared first on Social Media Examiner | Social Media Marketing. Continue Reading——>

Every forward-thinking digital marketing strategy combines the power of video with other important elements to create a marketing campaign that yields good return on investment, so as a business owner you need to learn how to implement video in your strategy. Most statistics from the world of digital marketing quote online video as one of the most important features on a website, and it’s projected to account for two thirds of the world’s mobile data for years in the future. With all these statistics floating around, the average business owner wants to know how they can plan, create and promote videos; considering their small budget and minimal production experience. Whatever you’re budget is, you need to build the identity of your brand and speak the language of prospective buyers, and video facilitates all this. Marketing and the strategies in use today are constantly growing and evolving. This continuous innovation characterizing——>

If you’re having trouble selling your marketing team, clients, partners and boss on the concept of online video, they might feel differently when they look at some of the benefits the business stands to gain. We’ll look at how exactly video benefits your business, and tips on how to get in on the action but first though, here are some interesting statistics on video. 1. YouTube is the second most popular search engine, right after Google, which of course owns YouTube. 2. YouTube gets more than 4 billion views per day. 3. Over 80% of marketing executives include video content on their marketing strategies 4. Online video accounts for more than 50% of all mobile traffic. 5. Just about everyone watches online video everyday. Looking at these statistics, you can see why video content is such a crucial element of your marketing efforts. Let’s look at some other ways onlinevideo——>