Search Engines

When communicating online, three important aspects are commenting, engaging and connecting to your audience. Online you have to convey that same personal touch through the internet to a person that you would normally do face to face.  

When you first engage a person and try to make a connection, what do you say? Hopefully, you don’t open your mouth and start to talk about politics or religion. Usually, you want to keep it light and fun. You want to have something relevant to say and you want to tease them enough to get them to want to find out more about you. The same is true online and that’s what you are attempting to do when you comment on other people’s blogs, groups, social networking profiles, or websites. You are trying to engage them, create a spark and curiosity, and then give them your phone number to be able to allow them to contact you later.

In this case, however, your phone number will actually be a backlink to your site. The funny thing is that for search engines, you might be targeting an odd keyword phrase such as “yellow power tie” for SEO. The touchy-feely aspect has to show up for humans to relate to it.

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