Content Marketing Using SEO for Better Exposure

Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to get exposure for your website. It is one thing to fill your site with a lot of great information, but people need to be able to find this content. Search Engine Optimization is the best way to properly optimize your website for search engines. SEO can bring more traffic to your website and thus content exposure.

Using keywords sprinkled in your article content and website is the main method used to optimized your site for the search engines. You are more likely be placed near the top of search engine results if your keywords or phases turn out to be the most searched terms by people. There are tools available online to track and examine the effectiveness of your keywords or phases.

The first of these is a Google keyword analysis. You can run this program on any of your sites. This tool will scan you website’s content and list all of the specific keywords contained on the site. It shows how competitive your keywords are at any specific time in a particular search. It then gives you a rating based on the competition. This tool is designed to help you discover what keywords on your site are the most commonly searched to find the type of services you offer.

Another tool is called Wordtracker and it does a little more in depth searching than the Google tool; however, it’s not free. This software works through inputting either your entire site or the individual keywords you want to use. It will then scour the net and deliver the most commonly used variations of your keywords so you know what words to add to your site to increase traffic.

SEO can be truly effective in bringing more people to your website especially by using keywords based on your website’s content. If you plan to use keywords not related to your content or just because they are popular, will not attach the targeted traffic that has interest in your services or products. Keywords can not only added to your content, but included within the titles and subtitles of your pages, as well as the meta-tags of your site.

Your content does you no good at all without targeted traffic and SEO is an important method to use to connect that traffic to your content. It may take a little time and effort to get the keywords in place, but once you do, the traffic will increase to your content.

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