Tips to Convert Free Subscribers into Paying Customers

Getting something for free rather than being a paying customer is the normal reaction by most subscribers. As the cost of living in various parts of the world rises, most people would rather take the free version of a product, choosing to forego the premium features the product offers. The goal is to convert free subscribers into paying customers using innovative strategies, otherwise it can delay the growth of your business.

Kickstart the free trials with training sessions, through webinars, podcasts, or YouTube videos, and it will set the foundation for your free subscribers to start paying for your products. In this guide, we look at proven and innovative ways that can convert your free subscribers into paying customers.

Provide Regular Tricks and Tips

Your training sessions can only convey so much information to the average person. Ensure that they know the features they get with the free subscription and periodically give them tips and tricks that outline the premium features and the benefits they stand to gain.

Start sharing the content with the tips on social media, regularly update content on your site, and send out these tips using your email list.

Customize and Personalize Messages

Many retailers today have little regard for the information they have about their subscribers, such as names, buying patterns, email addresses, etc. You can send messages to your subscribers using previously customized and personalized information.

The results of a recent study show that customized and personalized email campaigns have twice as many responses compared to generic campaigns.

Allow the Subscribers to Chart the Way

The process of converting free subscribers into paying customers can sometimes take a lot of coaching and persuading, however allowing the subscribers to chart the way seems to be one of the more innovative ways. By giving subscribers the opportunity to provide ways they can improve the final product and offer feedback on the free version, you can identify solutions to the problems faced by subscribers.

Your subscribers will not need much encouragement to buy the premium product when they have been part of the creation process. If you follow this course of action for all your products, you will have a higher conversion rate.

Become Indispensable

You should always meet the basic needs in your subscriber’s life anytime you create a free version of your product to ensure it provides a solution. Start using the free version as a platform to show how indispensable your product is to your subscribers.

Giving them valuable tips on how to navigate your product and proper customer support will make you indispensable and easy for them to pay for the premium version.

Finally, you can remove the free version altogether after a considerable period of time. After doing away with the free versions, companies that have used this tip have found that their paid subscriptions skyrocket. Converting a big percentage of your free subscribers into regular paying customers may be easily accomplished using the above tips and quality service.

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