If you run a business, you must engage your audience on social media, especially Facebook. Another way to have an impact on social media is to create a fan page for your business on Facebook. This is important, first and foremost, because it is the perfect starting point to separate personal Facebook profile from your business. The page with give you the opportunity to promote and market your products and brand your business.

Facebook is one of the most promising social media outlets when it comes to marketing your products. One good way to use Facebook is to create a fan page on the site; and to use it to draw in potential buyers. Start by investing some time to create a high-quality fan page. This page should include links to your site, a well-written description of what you do, and a brief description of the purpose of your fan page (i.e. to provide all of your loyal customers with free information about upcoming product launches, product giveaways, and coupons).

If you don’t yet have enough “fans” to get the ball rolling, it might make sense to start by giving people an incentive to become a fan. You could do something like this: offer everyone who joins your fan page a 20% off coupon for one of your products. You could then say something like “if this fan page has over 5,000 members by July 10th, every fan will get product X for free.”

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