Get Better Open Rates With Your Email Campaigns

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The Email Wizard platform will help you get better open rates with your email campaigns. The money is in the list and the email wizard platform helps you get more money from that list. 

The platform will help you create more urgency and scarcity with your campaigns.  

Are you sick of not getting good open rates and not getting clicks on your emails then Email Wizard is the software that will help you increase both.  

Stop losing clicks and engagement in your email campaigns  

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With the Email Wizard platform you can track everything you need to including clicks, opens, country tracking and more. 

You can see exactly why your email campaigns are not working and what you can do to improve them. 


Cloud Based App

Everything is hosted in the cloud so you never have to worry about this working. Works with both PC and Mac

Full Analytics

You can instantly see which of your campaigns are working and which ones to stop

Email Timers

Increase urgency and scarcity and make your subscribers click on those email links and buy



Build and Track Actionable Shortcodes

Take Full Control Over Your CTA Sales Buttons to Gain Powerful Insights to Optimize Your Sales

Create Email Opt-in Countdown Unlimited WordPress Pages in Only Seconds

Countdown To Any Date, Collect Leads and Redirect Traffic After Countdown Date

Lock In Email Wizard Today For Best Possible Price
Only $27 $17 

The Price will be Rising Soon!

Money Back 100% Guaranteed

No Risk 30 Day Guarantee


Here is our promise to you. Try the Email Wizard package risk free for 30 days and if it is not right for you then all you need to do is send us a support ticket and we will refund every penny of your purchase. 

No questions asked…  

No quibble…  

Just a full refund…  

With our 30 day money back guarantee you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

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