Create Social Media Presence Using Video

Using videos is by far the best way to boost your social media presence in this day and age. Now greatly influenced by images and videos, the world of online marketing has moved far beyond only text as a means of advertising. Social media platforms like Facebook and Pinterest are predicted to be all about marketing videos now and into the future.

Let’s learn how you can use videos to grow and nurture your social media presence, since it is a powerful social media marketing tool that must be involved in your strategy.

1. Create engaging videos: You will determine the kind of audience you attract depending the type of content you decide to produce. Of course, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your content is fun and engaging and it revolves around your particular business. The audience will love you for infusing laughs and gags in your storytelling method because humor never goes out of style.

2. Utilize social media channels: By just letting your video stay on YouTube, you would be limiting and even losing out on your audience reach. It would be a great idea to extent the reach of your videos by linking to social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest as well as Instagram. A social media link will not only make customer engagement a lot easier, but will give you a much greater reach.

3. Study the statistics: Counting the views on your video is not enough when you to get to the bare knuckles of customer engagement. Finding out your video is popular among which age groups, which countries, and why do people like it requires the tracking of real-time data. When it comes to developing video marketing strategies that are a lot easier, it is imperative to have a clear idea of what works and what doesn’t to plan for the future.

4. Brand your YouTube channel: It is not as easy to branding a channel on YouTube as it is to create a YouTube channel. Going beyond the process of regularly uploading videos, branding requires consistent effort that will require more time and commitment. Trying to tackle graphics, music, and promotional methods requires a person that has experience in these areas and knowledge in branding. Hiring a person who can work on the branding for you may be expensive, but the results will be well worth it. Just create your channel with a catchy name and leave the rest to the professionals.

5. Reach out to friends: Use friends and family as the best source for the initial push of your videos. Why not? Be sure to involve as many friends as you’ve got and ask them to share your videos on social media networks as well as their friends, when starting a video marketing campaign. The better are your chances to get noticed through videos as the word spreads. Getting people to notice is the key to building an extensive audience.

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