Is Fear Standing In Your Way Of True Happiness

Living in fear, keeps us form taking the risks and chances to go for what we truly desire. It keeps us from finding true happiness.

Happiness isn’t defined by what you have; where you live; where you go; or the people you love. True happiness is a feeling. It’s something you feel deep inside about yourself and believe yourself to be. But to find any type of happiness you have to face the fears keeping you paralyzed.

When we have fears, we feel unsafe. Facing our fears and getting out of our expected comfort zone is difficult because of how people naturally expect the worst-case scenario. Our brains naturally send us negative signals because it is making a effort to keep you safe.

So how can you live a life free of fear and be truly happy?

Everyone has fears. It’s normal. It’s how we react to them that makes the difference in how we feel. But you might find yourself weighed down with too much fear that’s preventing you from being truly happy. If that’s the case, it’s time to get familiar with your fears and find ways to work through them.

Here are 4 common fears and ideas to help you deal with them.

1. Fear of failure.This is a common fear, often stemming from the the early years of our lives. For example, fear of failing a test. This particular fear brings on the underlying feeling of being judged or embarrassed. In reality, failing is part of a person’s eventual success. Overcome this type of fear by not worrying about the outcome and only focusing on the process of being successful in the future.

2. Fear of Success This fear gets its roots from many different fears: fear of change, responsibilities, attention, vulnerable and a whole array of others. The best way to overcome the fear of success is to focus on one step at a time while moving forward with your life.

3. Fear of Rejection The fear of being rejected is a direct reaction to our natural need for belonging. Rejection can include fears of being judged, not being liked, or being alone. To overcome this particular fear put yourself out there, reminding yourself that the right people will respond to you favorably.

4. Fear of not being good enough. This fear is deeply rooted in how we feel about ourselves. It seems that our low self-esteem keeps us from not trying because we tend to lack confidence. You can overcome this fear by starting small with the tasks you know you can accomplish and to keep doing more steps to build your self-confidence.

We all have in one way or another have fears of some kind. These fears may seem rational to us but to other may appear irrational. To overcome your fears you need to understand the reason why you have them and then make the effort to face them so you can live a life of true happiness.

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