Comfort Zone

We’ve heard plenty concerning getting out of our comfort zone. however have you ever considered why you should? After all, our comfort zone is where we tend to feel in control and safe. It’s where we are able to predict what’s going to happen and how we will feel. There won’t be any surprises, that we can’t manage.

So why would you in any way feel compelled or perhaps want to get out of your comfort zone? You need to try and do it because getting out of your comfort zone is the key to your personal growth and happiness. Stepping out of that zone helps you build up your self-confidence and therefore the way you view yourself.

Is being in your comfort zone holding you back for living a fulfilled life and growing in your career?

The answer is yes. Being in your comfort zone and staying there is keeping you from realizing and achieving what you desire from your life. Staying securely within your comfort zone keeps you from being challenged and you do not have to rise to any new occasions.

Here are 3 ways why you are being held back by staying in your comfort zone:

1.It’s keeping you from growing personally. once you are frightened of something, staying in your comfort zone keeps you from facing that fear. Then you suffer from it forever or until you finally face it. You tend to distance yourself from situations that will put you in a position of having to face the fear in order to overcome it.

For example, your fear of speaking in front of large crowds keeps you from taking any type of job that requires you to talk in front of others, even though it’s a step up on your career ladder.

2.Living inside your comfort zone is keeping you from being happy. Perhaps you struggle with self-confidence and self-esteem problems. These issues will grow unless you’re taking steps outside your comfort zone to start addressing them. Stepping outside your comfort zone helps you build confidence in your self and see yourself in an exceedingly better light.

When you are confident and have good self-esteem, you’re happier. To Illustrate, if you’re not confident in your abilities, you tend to remain in your comfort zone rather than trying something new. This drags down your confidence ultimately making you feel less competent and making you unhappy.

3.Staying in your comfort zone will cause you to feel trapped and unhealthy. Typically our comfort zone keeps us doing bad habits out of fear. You may need to be more active, run a marathon, feel less aches and pains and go on adventures. However, in order for you to do any of these things means that you will be doing something that’s outside your comfort zone.

4.For example, you would like to run a short marathon. It’s always been a dream of yours, however you procrastinate and create excuses why you can’t. You’re too out of shape to run in any marathon and you don’t have time. You’re too old. However, the real reason is because you’re afraid to get out of your comfort zone and start training with a trainer. As a result, you still eat unhealthy, gain weight, lose muscle tone and put your dream on the back burner until eventually, you’re health becomes an issue.

When we remain in our comfort zone, we have a tendency to hold ourselves back from living a life we love, from being happy and from growing as a person. We tend to end up letting our fears rule and settling for mediocrity.

It’s true that getting out of your comfort zone is the key to your personal growth and happiness, but another key aspect that plays a role is boosting your self-image. Watch the video below to learn some keys to “How to Boost Your Self-Image”:

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