7 Day Solid SEO Strategy
7 Day Solid SEO Strategy

Trying to get traffic to your internet site without a strong plan is a bit like driving around with an unknown destination in mind and no directions on how to reach it. You may eventually make it to your final destination, however it will take a lot longer and require greater effort due to the fact you failed to mapped out the route from the start.

The same holds true with website traffic in general, and search engine optimization in particular. With a strong strategy, you will have a goal in mind, and a plan for what to do to get to this final destination. Even if you’re new to search engine optimization and you don’t quite recognize what it will take to get a certain keyword ranking, or even what a realistic keyword goal is for you, it is good to have a plan. You can continually tweak and modify both your plan and your strategy as you go along.

When you have a viable strategy with defined goals, and a way to track the results you are getting over time, it will become easy to decide if your strategy is working. Without either of those, you are guessing at best, and that is not a good business practice. Search engine optimization takes time and effort. And if you are hiring someone to assist you, it can involve quite a bit of money.

So where do you start? Learn the fundamentals of how search engine optimization works. Set up a good Website Analytics program so you can begin to measure what traffic you’re getting now and how you acquired your new traffic. Google Analytics is a outstanding program that will develop with you. Install it, look through the reports, begin to learn to use it and expand your knowledge as you go along.

Your next step will be to formulate a strategy. This should be a five-step process that includes:

  • 1. Determine your ideal target audience.
  • 2. Figure out what they are looking for and what keywords and key phrases they use.
  • 3. Generate high-value content around those terms.
  • 4. Implement on page and on site optimization.
  • 5. Track results and adjust as needed.

From there you can expand on what’s working, identify more audiences, more terms, and create extra content, and slow down on what isn’t working. One essential factor to keep in mind is that search engine optimization takes time and that you’re building your site’s reputation with the huge search engines over time. Don’t give up on your strategy too quickly and whatever you do, don’t throw in the towel.

Today’s article is only one step into developing a strategy designed to help you on your journey to better search engine rankings. Get the complete PDF guide of the “7 Day Solid SEO Strategy”. Enter your email below to get your FREE copy of this guide:

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