Mistakes in Attracting High-Quality Clients

When they are trying to attract high-quality clients, freelancers and service providers make a number of common mistakes. It is important not to struggle, but to run your business smoothly by avoiding these mistakes and keeping the steady stream of clients willing to pay you what you are worth.

Not Distinguishing between Price and Value

A lot of vendors worry about price, and are willing to sell their services for less than their competition. The trouble is that you can get locked into the cheaper price, and find it difficult to raise it in the future. In addition, you can have long-term relationship with quality clients rather than only bargain-basement clients you attract with a lower price. Being too cheap may cause you to loss the top business people.

Then there is a question of value. Value and price are not the same. How well you are able to stick to your deadlines, how good you are with your work, and how reliable you are will determine your value. Your value is also determined by your experience. Bringing your knowledge and experience to every project will be more valuable than a person charging the same amount without any skills, for example if you are a real pro at WordPress.

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Not Being Clear about What You Offer

Make a list of everything that you are good at that you could offer to your clients. Things you can do quickly, narrow it down to things that you enjoy and decide how closely related they are to each other. Would busy business owners find it useful to hand over to others a number of services that you offer that cover many of the basics? They might include customer service, email marketing, uploading content to a blog, and so on.

As an example, it might be worth mentioning in some cases, but not all cases, that you are able to do email marketing and you also have a health background. You may not be the right person, for example, for a person interested in finance.

Not Choosing a Niche

If you start to build up a reputation as an expert or service provider in a particular niche, you will often find that it is easier to get work. Health, finance and self-help are the top three niches.

Not Having a Well-Constructed Portfolio

If at all possible, each of the services you wish to offer should have examples in your portfolio. Give items a title, link to them, and if there are many samples, group them according to the category of services being offered.

Making the Sale by Giving Away too much FREE

It is great to want to prove that you are a talented worker who can deliver the goods, but time is money, and so is the work you do. A lot of new service providers give away far too much in terms of free information and their time. Free samples are not really needed – you have your portfolio to show what you can do.

You should also avoid long consultation calls. In an effort to be helpful and prove you are the right person for the job, you would probably give away far more information than you should. Then they really have no reason to hire you, because you have already told them what to do.

Not Marketing Yourself Enough

Once you are a service provider, you need to tell the world you are available for work. This is not a time to be shy.

Not Marketing Yourself in the Right Places

You need to offer real solutions at an affordable price by coming up with marketing material that speaks to the needs of your high-end prospective customers. To do this you have to determine where these customers spend most of their time, then you can advertise and market yourself in the right places.

Not Asking Happy Customers for Referrals

The key to a successful business is word-of-mouth marketing. Having to go out and constantly generate business is a lot harder than consistently being supplied with a full calendar of regular assignments by happy customers spreading the word about your reliability and professionalism.

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