When creating and running a business, you must present a genuine image of what your business and you as a person represent and brand that image into the minds of your audience. Running a membership site is no different than any other business, you will have to convey an authentic image that your audience can trust in order to generate traffic.

In the past, marketing was about hype and flashiness. If you use this technique now in a culture that has grown jaded from over-commercialization, you will find people turned off instead of turned on. Authenticity is crucial to portraying the proper image in today’s online marketplace, particularly on social networking sites. If you lie about a profile or a product, you can be sure in today’s interconnected social sites that your reputation will be trashed in no time flat, and this affects both traffic and sales. If you want a cycle of trust, you have to prove yourself trustworthy first.

Think of it this way, you wouldn’t go out and try to impress a date with a fake job or pretending to be someone you’re not. Why? Because this strategy is not only usually easy to see through, but it also has serious consequences if you do scam someone and later they find out. After that, nothing you say is trustworthy. Since trust is the engine for commerce on many social networking sites, you are better off being authentic these days rather than not. It may not be as impressive as pretending to be a millionaire, but it is far more believable and compelling. Learn how to write your story so that it engages a reader, by creating content that is authentic and magnetic and reflects exactly who you are as a person and builds trust for you and your business.

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