Creating Email Copy that Converts

When it comes to your email marketing campaign, the copy is one of the top determining factors on whether your campaign succeeds or fails. Email has become a vital component of online marketing for any business. If you are looking to increase opens, clicks, and conversions with your email marketing campaigns, here are some quick tips for creating copy that converts. Keep it Simple You have mere seconds to capture the attention of your audiences, so you want to make sure that you use simple copy in all your emails, as well as on your landing pages. Don’t use complicated words or industry jargon in your text; instead; you want to write as if you are speaking to a friend. Make it Scannable The last thing you want to do is overwhelm your reader with long paragraphs and tons of copy. Create a design for your emails that break up——>

Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to get exposure for your website. It is one thing to fill your site with a lot of great information, but people need to be able to find this content. Search Engine Optimization is the best way to properly optimize your website for search engines. SEO can bring more traffic to your website and thus content exposure. Using keywords sprinkled in your article content and website is the main method used to optimized your site for the search engines. You are more likely be placed near the top of search engine results if your keywords or phases turn out to be the most searched terms by people. There are tools available online to track and examine the effectiveness of your keywords or phases. The first of these is a Google keyword analysis. You can run this program on any of your——>

Spy Track 300 X 300

Imagine if you could literally track what successful online marketers and companies are doing on social media. What if you could turn on a tracking tool that told you exactly what the experts/gurus and lead influencers are doing at any second of the day… Social media is extremely fast moving and now we have the perfect tool for anyone who wants to gate crash the social media party… Let me introduce a new tracking tool called ‘Spy Track’ to you… This new web based app listens to any conversation on Twitter across the globe so you can pick up anything that is about to go viral or simply tune into what the successful guys are doing at any one moment in time. Spy Track is the ultimate listening tool that can pick up any conversation about any niche and give you all the indicators for a topic going viral. If——>